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Finding the perfect home for your family takes time and persistence, especially when you're searching for your forever home. It's easier if you have someone in your corner to ensure you get the home you've imagined. Bree Clow is someone you can depend on to go the extra mile and keep going until you find your haven. She will stick by your side through all parts and listen as you work out what you love and what you dislike in your search for the luxurious home you deserve to find. Then, once you discover your dream home, she will celebrate your victory alongside you. If you're not looking but hoping to sell, she will tackle it with as much enthusiasm as you while ensuring you get noticed by serious and interested buyers.

In 2013, Bree graduated from the Paralegal Studies program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Her interest in real estate is atypical. She began learning what it takes to be a good realtor when she took on purchasing and subsequently selling her property, after which she assisted a friend from Florida in successfully discovering their dream home, sight unseen. It set the wheels in motion and made her a realtor who isn't afraid to put forth immense effort on behalf of her clients. This is further emphasized by her success at helping people fall in love with the Green Valley Ranch Condominiums, where she became a full-time real estate manager before acquiring her real estate license in 2019.

For anyone wanting to move into the Las Vegas area, Bree is the ideal real estate agent. She was born and raised in Las Vegas, which gives her an edge and makes her uniquely qualified to focus her attention exclusively on Las Vegas and Henderson. What drives her to stay local is her love of the area. She adores the open space, the mountains, and the convenience. Her real estate goals are simple. She wants to help families and individuals locate their luxurious idea of what a dream home should be. It's made her decide to avoid taking on a large client base. Instead, she opts to work with only one or two clients at a time. This choice allows her to spend more time making each client's dreams come true.

When out of the office, Bree has several passions, the top of which is raising her two daughters. She also has completed 400 hours of yoga studies with the Registered Yoga Alliance School and remains active as a certified yoga instructor, which she has focused on for 15 years.

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